Flow of use

What you need

  • PC or smartph or tablet

  • Internet connection

  • Skype

※Headset and earphone with microphone may be necessary.


Join us

Sign up "here".

Installing “Skype” free-to-download

We use the charge-free application "Skype" in our lessons.
Please click "here" to download “Skype”.

Reserving your lesson

Login first
 You can login with the ID and password you registered with.
Reserve your lesson
 Choose a date and time on our calendar.
 And your appointment can be reserved.

Preparing for your lesson

You can add user name information in Skype.
 Boot Skype.
 The Skype screen displays "Waiting for approval of contact request", and click the contact information with the highlighted orange text.
 Remarks: "Waiting for approval of contact request" will be displayed after your appointment until before the lesson begins.
You can add the tutor's contact name to your list
 Click “Accept” button.
Confirm your new contact’s name information in Skype
 If new the contact’s name information is displayed on the left-side "contact information" list, you can confirm that it was added by the contact.

Starting your Lesson

You can respond to a call coming from the tutor.
 The tutor will call you on Skype on the date and time you reserved.
 Your lesson starts when you start Skype and answer the call.

Ending your lesson