For beginner's guide

TalkativeTokyo is a service, you can take Japanese lessons on a one-on-one basis with tutors.

What is TalkativeTokyo?

  • While enjoy talking in Japanese, this is special place you can learn Japanese and Japanese culture.

Japanese is not difficult at all.

  • If you start Japanese conversation, before reading and writing, that will be fun!

Lessons are quite simple

  • You take the lessons on a one-on-one basis with individual tutor using free application of Skype that is similar to TV phone.
  • You can just select the button of the lesson slot.
  • Please select the button of the lesson slot on the tutor, and after the tutor approves, your "reservation" become fixed.
  • Please wait while setting up Skype. The tutor will call you at the reserved time.

Japan, that is different from the world

  1. Japan's advanced technology; bullet trains, cars, robots, etc.
  2. Traditional and modern culture; Kyoto, Akihabara, etc.
  3. Japanese foods or Washoku, attracted by many people around the world.

We want to tell you "The planet named Japan".

  • Why is Japanese mixed with 4 different letters "Hiragana" "Katakana" "Kanji" and "Alphabets"?
  • What is "Japanese foods or Washoku " designated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site?
  • Could you tell me how to cook fried Tempura well?
  • What is the difference between temples and shrines?
  • These questions are extremely difficult even as Japanese people, but we want to tell as much as possible.

Various kinds of tutors, here

  • TalkativeTokyo has various kinds of tutors.
  • We want to disseminate not only Japanese learning site, but also a lot of Japanese cultures.
  • There are many tutors, including university students in Japan, business-person working in excellent companies, and tutors who can explain Japan in foreign languages such as English and Chinese.

Please make a conversation with your tutor.

  • Speaking in a foreign language is actually embarrassing and scary for everyone at the beginning.
  • TalkativeTokyo offers [Alpha-course / Course for daily Japanese conversation], 【Bravo-course / Course for business Japanese conversation and reading/writing of newspaper and magazine】, 【Charlie-course / Course for junior high school and high school students】.
  • Please feel free to start with your self-introduction to the tutor according to your level.
  • Please talk frankly, with tutors and find common topics, such as those you are interested in your country or Japan.
  • Even if you are not good at conversation, tutors will lead the conversation at the beginning, and speak slowly using easy words.
  • By continuing Japanese conversation regularly, you can gradually improve your conversation skills.

We are open 24 hours daily

  • You can take lessons with portable devices such as PC, smartphone or tablet at your convenient time and place.